Monday, February 28, 2011

Digital Photos

I have never been a big photo person, watching the Pat Wright videos was an eye opener for me.  I din't realise there was so many different aspects to taking a photo, I thought it was as simple as turning the flash on and off.

Over the past week I explored some of the techniques that Pat describes in his videos.

This first picture is an exapmle of a close picture, where the focal point of the image is the whole image. The image below is an example of a far image where the focal point (water feature) is smaller and does not take up the whole picture. These pictures were taken in Athens, Georgia where we went for my mates 21st birthday. It was a really fun party town with lots of bars and clubs to choose from. These two particular pictures were taken on the campus of the University of Georgia.

I've akways taken photos of everything up close, Pat's videos has given be a broader appreciation for photography. The following photo is an example of the rule of thirds. The photo was taken in one of the many parks around Lake Harwell, I took the picture of the duck as it was the biggest duck I have seen, it would easily be double if not triple the size of ducks from back home. The other photo is a picture of the lake, it is an example of horizontal photography.

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