Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Practice Game

I have been busy with the final projects over the past few weeks but thought I must share this with you.
The only game of football for the spring semester was held ove the weekend; as I was not here for the football season it would be the only game of football I would see, I was also lucky enough to go on a tour of the football stadium during the week. The pictures below are of the tour and game.
 Death Valley
Locker Room
 Weight Room
 Howards Rock
 Game Day Action
 Game Day Action
Game Day Action

The tour was a real eye opener for me to see how much resources are actually put aside to a college sport in America. The facilities of the Clemson football team rival and exceed most professional sporting teams from Australia and it’s a college team not a professional team, to me that is crazy and also shows how much football means to Americans.

In the tour we saw everything in the stadium, from the coach’s office, to the locker room and Howard’s Rock. It was a real honour to be able to go on this tour as all the American’s that I know in Clemson have never been on a tour of the stadium let alone seen the locker room. We were able to have a picture with Howard’s Rock which has a little bit of a storey behind it.

The game itself was also crazy!
It was a hot spring afternoon, almost perfect conditions for a game of football, the roads around Clemson were packed with cars trying to get to the stadium, the streets were full with people flocking to the stadium, all of this for a so called ‘low key’ game. Even though it was an internal trial 30,000 faithful Clemson supporters attended the game again astonishing to me as our professional sports in Australia struggle to get a crowd of that magnitude to every game.

The atmosphere was crazy, and has almost convinced me to come back another semester when it is football season. For all of you who want to study abroad at Clemson I would come in the fall semester as the games seem to be an experience that can not be rivalled by any sport.

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